Day One

Posted on 22:07
Today Knut has been sticking close to his holiday home.

First he explored the garden, and found a lovely pond to sit by, with a little fountain. He also met Ecky, next door's cat, but Ecky wouldn't keep still long enough for a photo.

Then he sat on the gate out of the garden to the fields.

Once he had finished outside he went back inside to meet Matt the cat.

Then he spotted the view from the back window and wanted a picture of that too.

After some more exploring it was time to go to play badminton. He didn't want to come out there though, but there's always next week.

He did however, come out in the pub afterwords, where he befriended my friend Katie.

First he tried on her glasses.

Then he wore Chris's ring as a bracelet, too.

Our madness seemed to be catching and he went a little crazy.

Now he's at home, resting peacefully, after meeting Dyson the hamster (seeing as he is a vegetarian lion), hoping for another fun day tomorrow.

Knut's Arrival

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Knut arrived today!

He sure was glad to be out of his envelope. He's rather tired from his journey right now, but once he's recovered I'm sure there will be much more to write here.